Telling the story of your brand begins with the right logo. As a first impression for new customers, and a recognizable mark for existing customers, your logo helps your brand stand out and get recognized as the type of business you represent.

Who Do You Want to Be Today?

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than words and have a 55% retention rate. Clearly, a visual brand identity is how customers will link their need to your business solution.

Think of the logo for Google or ebay. A cheerful logo with bright colors or illustrations can suggest a brand that’s more playful while using a straightforward, professional typeface implies a buttoned-up approach to work.

Or, how about the insurance sector, which may seem like a better candidate for a no-nonsense logo. But don’t forget about Geico’s crazy gecko (who some people secretly say is called Martin after the agency who created him). Whatever his name, the well-branded lizard is now a household icon.

Brands tasked with developing a new logo need to carefully consider the message they intend to communicate. Many companies rely on outside marketing professionals to assist in creating a logo to ensure the final product properly represents their brand.

A Penny Well-Spent

When choosing a logo designer, companies often choose between employing a freelance designer or hiring a professional marketing agency. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks: freelance designers can offer seemingly greater flexibility at a reduced cost, and marketing agencies provide a team of professional branding experts to properly determine the approach to logo design and branding.

Why Choose Agency

While many freelancers are indeed talented designers, they may lack the proper marketing savvy to determine what makes the right fit for your business. A design may look splashy on screen, but does it tell your story through strategic design?

Here at Sassafras, we don’t just tell your story, we design it! Our creative genius marketing team works together to properly ideate, design, and deliver a logo that will sum up the essence of your brand — and hand it straight to the waiting consumer. By carefully considering your audience, product, and vision, Sassafras will drill to the heart of your brand and how it best speaks to your customers.

We will ensure that your logos are clear, memorable, and easily-reproducible across digital, print, and other essential mediums. Entrusting a marketing firm to develop your logo can also lead to a long-term relationship to continue to help expand your business.

To develop your new or next logo, reach out to Sassafras to design your story!