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Matt Olson
VP of Client Services


A Midwesterner through and through – I’ve lived in South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas. My life revolves around my awesome family – my wife, three kiddos and an Australian Shepherd. While I am now an expert in kids entertainment, I am a pop culture aficionado at heart. If I’m not binge-watching the latest streaming phenomenon, I’m watching whatever live sports I can find.  



My professional path has taken me from a career in Marketing and Internal IT at a large healthcare technology company to a small digital agency which became a big digital agency. I have worked with clients on the account management side for many years and jumped at the opportunity to bring my experience to the wonderful world of Sassafras Marketing. 



I love learning, and thusly love teaching – I certainly don’t know all the answers, but it is a ton of fun trying to find them. I enjoy the creative application of technology to any problem, and love solutioning with a team. 

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