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10 Things You Never Knew About Sassafras Marketing

We’re often asked about the unique name of our company—Sassafras Marketing—and if there’s a back story or some reason how that name came to be. So we got to thinking…there are other shareable tidbits that you may or may not know about us. We present…

10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Sassafras Marketing

(in no particular order)

  1. So…about that name, what’s the story there? Legend has it that Sassafras founder Jenny Holton was looking to music CDs and song lyrics for company naming inspiration, and the Aerosmith lyrics  – “Kiss my Sassafras” stood out. Her interest was piqued, and upon researching SASSAFRAS, she learned it was a tree with culinary and aromatic purposes due to its flavor profile. In the U.S. it’s found especially in the Southeast.  Since our new company was in Atlanta and we add “flavor” to your business, it was the perfect name!

  2. How did it come to be that the team was primarily split between Kansas City and the Southeast? KC is home for both Jenny and Geoff.  After they moved home, they decided that it made sense to have the company and its employees both in KC and in the Southeast, where so many contacts, friends (potential hires) and clients are located.

  3. Who was your first client? The Coca-Cola Company via Julie Hamilton, who was on the Coke/Blockbuster team at the time. She is a long time client and friend and is now the Chief Customer Officer for The Coca-Cola Company.

  4. Who was your first employee? Senior Account Director Shannon O’Geen. She’s still with us –12 years and counting!

  5. What did Jenny do in her “pre-Sassy” days? She was in marketing with Kansas City’s Hallmark Cards.

  6. What did Geoff do in his “pre-Sassy” days? (Get ready for it…) Geoff was a lab chemist and then a chemical salesman!

  7. How many employees make up the company? Right now, Sassafras has 14 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee.

  8. Newbie on the team? Ashley Scherzer – She fills the role of Director of Operations and is working hard to whip Sassafras into stellar operational shape.

  9. FINAL FINAL.” Why is this a favorite saying among Sassafras employees? We’re thinking… final version of work before it heads out the door. Or that final drink (after that final drink) before the bar closes and the door hits us. Hmmm…

  10. We are a 100% Virtual Team. How can a marketing agency be virtual you ask? Well, we have been doing it for 12 years and it works great. We chat, hang out, screen share, IM, email and call each other all day. Sounds like overkill but we really like each other so it’s easy.


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