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2017 Women’s LINC Global Leadership Conference in Atlanta

The Women’s LINC Global Leadership Conference is an internal conference for female employees at The Coca-Cola Company and takes place at the Coca-Cola Atlanta Office Complex. Our founder, Jenny Holton, was among a few external guests and customers privileged enough to be invited for a full day of inspirational speakers and networking! She attended the bi-annual women’s leadership conference in August in Atlanta. This year’s conference theme was Empowering You: Working and Living with Purpose. 

What does LINC stand for?

Coca-Cola Women’s LINC




This year’s conference was the first-ever truly global conference, hosting live sessions in both Atlanta and Johannesburg. In addition to the live sessions, local Women’s LINC chapters around the globe hosted adapted sessions of the conference. Jenny couldn’t say enough about the two keynote speakers; they were high-energy, motivating and had excellent presentations! Dr. Anna Mokgokong delivered the keynote live from Johannesburg. Dr. Mokgokong is the former President of the South African Women Entrepreneurs Network (SAWEN) and the International Women’s Forum of South Africa (IWFSA).

Later in the day and live from Atlanta, Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo also delivered a keynote. Lombardo is a famous author and psychologist and spoke about Crushing Your Inner Critic.

Two keynotes…plus awesome breakouts!

The conference included fantastic breakout sessions that were inspiring and full of passion. Below are just a few of the breakouts, which spoke directly to the women leaders in the audience:

 -How to live on purpose

-Who are you? Stand out by creating your personal brand

-Live in your P.O.W.E.R -5 keys to inner peace + increased productivity

Finally, Jenny told us that the conference hit a home run from a social media perspective, encouraging attendees to use the hashtags #EmpoweringYou and #Purpose while on Salesforce, Chatter and Twitter.

Thank you, Coca-Cola, for an inspiring and motivational day! Thanks to Julie Hamilton and our friends at Coke for extending such a lovely invitation!


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