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2022 Trends for Designers

2022 is well underway, and things are already looking up for graphic designers. From the continued expansion of remote work opportunities, to increased work-life balance, here are the major trends that designers can get excited about this year.

1. Remote work means greater opportunities

While remote work policies will vary from agency to agency, there’s no denying that overall expansion of remote work is opening up greater opportunities for designers. Whether that means “commuting” to work online, or living in a different time zone allowing flexibility in work hours, designers will have plenty of opportunities in a post-pandemic world.

2. Work-life balance is improving

Flexible work environments are not the only benefit designers can expect this year. The growing popularity of remote work means designers are also likely to experience a renewed sense of work-life balance, spending less time in the office and commuting, and more time focusing on the work they’re passionate about.

But it’s not just remote work opportunities that are set to improve designers’ work-life balance. As businesses continue to recover from the pandemic and start putting themselves out there again, we can expect an increased demand for exciting graphic design — and by extension, for skilled graphic designers.

As demand grows for graphic designers, expect jobs to offer better benefits and increased flexibility for their employees — from more vacation time to wellness benefits to seasonal hours, and more.

3. Contract access is being simplified

Snagging a high-profile contract used to be a pretty big production for agencies — you might have had to travel to a new city and go through a gauntlet of meetings with a curious client, and even then, you weren’t guaranteed to land the contract.

Consider this a bonus benefit of the larger shift to remote work. Because contract access is being simplified, and much of the process has moved online, agencies naturally have access to more clients now. For designers, that means new and interesting opportunities to showcase their creative chops and do more of what they love.


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