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3 Reasons Infographics Are So Effective

You’ve probably seen them on social media, in websites, customer presentations and more. An infographic is an effective tool used by marketers to visually represent information or data in a creative, eye-catching way. In 2018, we continue to see steady growth in the use of infographics and in the ways in which marketers use them.

Content marketers Brafton blogged in December that they look for graphics to trend more minimalistic and “flat.” Not to be confused with boring, this just refers to a less time-intensive layout and rely more on things like bar graphs and other solutions. They suggest using subtle gradient flows to create a rich texture and keep things inspiring. When we create infographics, we employ many design strategies (flat design, color scheme, typography, flow of information, etc.). A unique thought process accompanies the creation of each client’s piece and ultimately, their story.

Why are infographics effective?

Infographics = Clear + Quick Information

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This really holds true when it comes to infographics. Often, a marketer can convey multiple points (that would take paragraphs of copy) with one simple, well-executed visual.

Complicated, technical subjects or even (gasp!) boring material can become visually engaging. Adding infographics to your website can be a visually striking, fresh-feeling way to break up miles of copy. Good ones can educate and inform while building brand awareness. Poorly executed ones can confuse the reader and look clunky and unprofessional!

Infographics are ripe for social media

The nature of a good infographic (visually engaging, colorful, easy-to-digest) makes it perfect for sharing on social media. And what better way to get your content out there? Create something worth reading, liking and/or sharing…and let the magic happen. According to Customer Magnetism, 40% of people respond better to visual information than text.

How to make your’s social media share-worthy? Choose an interesting topic. Choose your words carefully…don’t include too much text. Make it easy to share!

Consumers are excited by good visual storytelling

This is where we shine at Sassafras Marketing! We work to stay ahead of industry trends, making infographics that tell a story and excite consumers. Our creative team created a number of infographics in 2017, each as unique and individual as the information presented. Our storytelling has spanned many industries; retail, consumer product, B2B, and B2C.

We look forward to more creative, innovative storytelling for our clients in 2018! Infographics will likely be a big part of what we deliver.


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