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5 Web Design Trends to Expect in 2022

From one-page sites, to giant typography that dominates the landing page, to organic, handmade illustrations, we take a quick look at some of the major web design trends we can expect to see this year.

One-page sites

Simplicity, focus, clarity — all key values embodied by the one-page site, a minimalist web design trend we can expect to see more of in 2022. Without messy menus and internal links, the one-page site offers visitors a simple scroll navigation that lends itself well to narratives, portfolios, and individual themes. In today’s attention economy, one-page websites strip the advertising function down to its essentials — in some ways, a one-page site is closer to a physical poster or a flyer than anything else.

Giant Typography

Giant typography has a curious effect on language — the larger the letters, the more language becomes a graphic element in its own right. And while it might feel natural to classify this as a maximalist trend, the use of outsized typography in web design can also take on a minimalist bent, if the letters are one of the few central elements of the page design. For designers, these will be important dynamics to play with. For starters, consider whether you want the typography to strike visitors first as an image or a text.

Responsible motion design

Great inclusivity will continue to be a central design trend in 2022, whether that means gender-neutral color choices or accessible forms and drop-down menus. One particular area we’re likely to see more focus on in 2022 is responsible motion design. Dynamic websites are an attractive option, though it’s possible to make them too dynamic. Excessive movement and animations, including scrolljacking and mouse-triggered scaling, can induce motion sickness in some visitors, and should be avoided in favor of subtler motions.

Organic illustrations

Expect abstract, organic illustrations to show up in more web designs in 2022. There’s a natural intimacy created by the organic textures of a handmade design that’s been a bit absent from the clean, quirky graphics and cute illustrations that have dominated web pages in recent years. Increased textures and natural irregularities make organic illustrations feel human, sophisticated, and familiar. As part of this trend, expected to see more gradients with grain this year. Adding grain can create a more naturalized feel, mimicking physical media like photographs and prints. The additional texture can take the generally sleek atmosphere offered by gradients and infuse it with a more organic feel.

Art deco motifs

One hundred years after the style first made waves, it might be time for an art deco comeback, and it’s easy to see why. Geometric designs have been big in the past few years, and while web designs have started to grow simpler, art deco offers a classic vibe that can pair equally well with a minimalist approach. From logos to fonts to borders and other illustrations, the clean, sinuous lines, repeated shapes, and simple symmetry of art deco could have a big year.


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