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Back to Basics: What We Do at Sassafras Marketing

Here lately on the Sassafras blog, we’ve been full speed ahead introducing our team through spotlight posts and sharing some inspiration that gets our creative juices flowing. (We have a new team member, by the way, that we introduced last week!) But today, we’ve decided to take a step back from that and get back to the basics of who we are and what we do. In short, we’re changing it up and we hope you enjoy this little glimpse behind the Sassafras Marketing curtain.

Who is Sassafras Marketing and what do we do?

Sassafras is a creative agency that works with hundreds of brands across the globe. Story Design is at the root of everything we deliver, but under that broad umbrella (which you’ll learn more about in an upcoming post) we also develop campaigns, pitch presentations, marketing activations, ideation and brainstorming, toolkits, and much more!

A few core components that are part of the Sassafras daily routine:

Strategy—As a creative agency, strategic planning is at the core of our team and how we bring stories to life. Telling each story is not just about how the final creative will look in the end, but it’s also about guiding and providing a point of view for how the strategy plays out along the way.  

Execution—When we are developing marketing activations or brainstorming for a planning project, keeping the end result in mind is important. We work tirelessly to ensure each activation tells a story to the consumer and aligns with the brand strategy. We do the heavy lifting for clients, partnering with them as closely as possible so their activations come to life seamlessly.

Project Management—As you can imagine, agency life moves at a fast pace. Balancing multiple projects, deadlines, and deliverables is one of our specialties! Each day we juggle multiple jobs and make sure no balls hit the ground! Some clients look to us for pure marketing project management as an extension of their internal team. PM comes with the territory -juggling is a skill we have perfected with years of practice and exceptional teamwork.

One of our most important daily activities… Having FUN!

If you don’t love what you do and have fun along the way, you’re in the wrong line of business! We’re hard workers but we also have a lot of fun collaborating, chit-chatting, strategizing, sharing knowledge and never forgetting to laugh. Regardless of how crazy or chaotic things are going, Sassafras is an environment where everyone works hard while enjoying the ride.

Want to learn more about what it means to work with Sassafras Marketing or how we can bring the art of Story Design to your next project? Reach out to us via this nifty contact form or feel free to call us directly!  

Atlanta (404) 792-2266 | Kansas City (913) 888-7400  

We’d love to get to know you and your business better!


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