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Case Study: LEGOLAND® Florida Resort & Coca-Cola Rebrand


Coca-Cola had a request for us:  they wanted Sassafras Marketing to design and rebrand in-park materials at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort with a rather aggressive turnaround time.  The park was converting into a Coca-Cola pouring venue and the project was time-sensitive.  This project presented a challenge due to Coca-Cola’s Responsible Marketing Policy of Marketing to children under 12, which states that this age group is restricted from being the target audience of a marketing initiative.  Enter Sassafras Marketing!

This is where we shine.  We pride ourselves on creatively and skillfully combining strategic design with the art of storytelling.  Branding is often at the heart of what we do. Using our story design capabilities, we were able to create a joint brand for Coca-Cola and LEGOLAND® that inhabited a common ground. We wanted to create something that complemented both brands and were able to utilize LEGO® branding elements while avoiding the use of any LEGO® characters that would violate the Coca-Cola Responsible Marketing Policy.

As with any branding work, there are many style guidelines that had to be adhered to and considered at all times.  We had many iconic and recognizable images at our disposal:  LEGO® brick elements, Coca-Cola script logo, contour bottle, brand colors, etc.  Our work product had to maintain a look/feel that aligned with strict style guidelines for both brands while speaking to the audience at the park and introducing park-goers to the newly-forged relationship between these two iconic brands.

Result:  LEGOLAND® Florida was successfully converted to a Coca-Cola partner in early May.  Look for the new joint branding on in-park Cooler Clings, Beverage Carts and Window Clings among other places!  Congratulations to the whole Sassafras Team on a job well done!  If you’re vacationing in Florida this summer, look for our work in LEGOLAND® Florida Resort!



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