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Closing Ceremonies: A Recap of Our Virtual Fall Team Meeting

As 2020 winds down, and not much has changed in terms of the pandemic, we made the decision to host our bi-annual team meeting virtually again. Building upon the success from our Spring team meeting, we utilized and revamped the same Olympics theme for our Fall team meeting. On October 21-22, we hosted another virtual event that included games and activities to fuel our competitive spirit. We hosted another virtual event and came up with even more team games to fuel our competitive spirit. Gift bags included snacks from around the world, one fun koozie, and crafts to create our own flag. Here’s a quick rundown of what we did when we met.

Day 1 — Raise the Flags, Account Team Story and Trivia Night

Our day kicked off with “Raise the Flags” – a slideshow featuring all of the flags created by employees with tools and supplies received in their gift bags or around the house. Each of us guessed which flag belonged to which Sassafras employee—to be revealed throughout the two days. Next, we dove into the Account Team and Operations Team stories to learn more about their day-to-day and how they help the larger agency run.

After our meetings wrapped up, we divided into teams and competed in a virtual trivia night! The winning team was “I Thought This Was a Pub Crawl” with Trevor, Allison, Jawan and Jennifer.

Day 2 — The Creative Team and Business Development Team Stories, Games and Anniversaries

We started day two learning about the Creative Team story and some interesting facts about how our teammates got started in design! The Business Development team story followed and shared 2021 goals for Sassafras.

At the end of a long day of meetings and fruitful conversation, we recognized some of our team who have been living our mission, vision, values with the Recognition Tree.

Creativity: Allison Heather for Diageo Holiday work

Excellence: Madi Twombly for research and design of new Sassafras website

Integrity: Tamie Booth for updating and creating new templates in WAM

Collective Genius: Heather Sharbaugh, Krista Savage, Allison Heather, Shannon Baldwin, Madi Twombly, Trevor Barley and Tara Mercado for quick turn FS Digital videos.

Passion: Allison Heather for leading the Sassafras rebranding.

Happy Anniversary

Shout outs to our awesome teammates below on their Sassafras anniversary! Each received a thoughtful gift corresponding to their personal interests and years of service.

Allison — 9 years

Jennifer Dennis — 8 years

Tara — 6 years

Madi — 5 years

Trevor — 4 years

Shannon — 3 years

Ashley — 3 years

Heather — 2 years

Bobbie — 1 year

Tamie — 1 year

Jennifer — 1 year

We never thought we’d have our second virtual Team Meeting in the books, but they truly bring out our creativity! We always look forward to coming together and we really can’t wait until we are able to plan an in-person adventure in KC again. We hope you enjoy some pictures and videos of our virtual time together!


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