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Earth Day: All day, Every Day!

Before we dive right into this end-of-the-week Earth Day post, yes, we are aware that Earth Day was technically on Monday! But let’s face it, Earth Day really should be every day, amirite? It seems most people share this sentiment because we have been inspired all week by the sustainability efforts springing up from companies large and small. One example of this is from the Coca-Cola college ambassador program. This program puts future changemakers on college campuses and works to strengthen communities nationwide. And while we’re on the subject of Coca-Cola, Jim Dinkins, President of Coca-Cola North America, has a radical and inspiring goal to make Atlanta the first U.S. city without packaging waste.

As an agency, we at Sassafras are committed to sustainability and working to do our part as well! As we celebrated and reflected on Earth Day this week, our team shared some of the ways we try to make an impact on our day-to-day life.

  1. Since we are a virtual agency, we save gas and carbon emissions by not driving to the office each day. We also are as paperless as we can be by handling 95% of our correspondence online. Some of our employees don’t even have a printer. Thank you, technology!

  2. Even though Sassafras is headquartered in the heart of BBQ country (Kansas City), we try to observe Meatless Monday when possible (or try for one meatless meal each week). Participating in Meatless Monday helps to conserve water and decrease fossil fuel and gas emissions.

  3. We try to say no to the plastic straw when we can (save the turtles!). Most of us just refill our water bottles at home throughout the day and use reusable straws. Luckily, we have endless options: glass, titanium, metal, stainless steel, or our personal favorite, bamboo!

  4. Saving the planet not only makes you feel good but can also make you feel like the Jetsons! Buying energy-efficient, smart light bulbs save money, power, and you can even tell Siri or Alexa when you want them to dim, turn on, or turn off. We promise you’ll feel very high-tech.

All of us doing small things add up to a BIG impact. We’d love to hear the ways you make changes in your homes and communities! Happy Earth Day/Week/Year! And thanks for joining us to celebrate Earth Day, every day!


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