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EVERYTHING IS AWESOME… at the Sassafras Team Meeting

If we had any doubt that Everything was Awesome before our team meeting last week, those reservations were put to rest. Let me back up and explain that every Sassafras team meeting has a well thought out theme. And for those of you with younger kids, we’ll give you one guess what this meeting’s theme was about!

Anyway, everything actually was awesome in Kansas City when we met last week for our spring team meeting. Twice a year we get our virtual team together in KC where we meet, roll out new processes, have fun team building activities, hone in on how to get better at what we do, and learn something new. Here’s a quick rundown of what we did when we met last week.

Day 1 — Meetings and Disc Golf

Day 1 is when everyone travels in, so mid-day is usually when our meetings get underway. We have a handful of employees from the KC area, but out of towners come in from Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. After our meetings wrapped up at Lake Quivira, we headed to the park for BBQ and disc golf. I’m not sure if any of you have ever played disc golf before, but not many of us had. It was interesting and entertaining at the same time! The winning team turned out to be Sara Kinslow, Ashley, and Trevor!

Day 2 — Meetings and a Movie

For our long meeting day, we went to Silo Modern Farmhouse which is on a beautiful golf course (the real kind of golf this time). We didn’t play but we watched and the view was amazing! After a long day of meetings and fruitful conversation, we headed downtown to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema for a private showing of, you guessed it, The Lego Movie! You’re right to assume that this is a movie for children, but we were challenged to look a little deeper into the storyline and identify the things that can sometimes hinder our creativity or keep us from flavoring the ordinary.

Day 3 — Anniversaries and Goodbye

The last day of meetings is a half-day where we wrap up and announce anniversaries for the first half of the year. This spring we celebrated:

Andrea — 9 years Tara — 5 years Sarah — 4 years Trevor — 3 years Shannon — 2 years Ashley — 2 years

A new recognition program was rolled out as well… more on that in a later post. The spring team meeting is in the books and it was a fun one. We always look forward to coming together and can’t wait until November for another awesome adventure in KC.


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