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Fall Team Meeting Recap

It’s been a few months since our last team meeting in Kansas City but it’s never too late for a quick recap on what the team did and all of the cool things we learned back in November. In case you’re not familiar with our team meetings, they happen twice a year in Kansas City, usually around May and November. Since Sassafras is a remote company, these meetings give us a chance to get together in person and learn and grow as a team.

The agenda for November’s meeting was a little different than in the past because the content for the majority of the meeting and training time was really driven by individual presentations from everyone, rather than just from Geoff, Jenny, or an outside company. We were given assignments ahead of time and all prepared presentations to give during the meeting.

The Brainstorm Challenge

Concepting and brainstorming have been a big focus of growth for Sassafras over the last couple of years. We’ve been investing in tools and training that help us all get better from a creative standpoint because so much of what we deliver to clients has to do with bringing new ideas to the table. Several weeks before the meeting we were given a topic to brainstorm around and were instructed to present the topic and our solution at the meeting. Some of the topics were related to marketing and some not so much! Everyone’s topic was different and you could tell the presentations were well thought out. That muscle is one we’re going to continue to work and grow but we can say with confidence that if we weren’t conceptors and brainstormers before, we definitely are now!

The Tour of KC

One of the really fun activities we got to do was take a food tour of Kansas City. We had our own private tour bus that took us to some of the most historic and unique restaurants and breweries in the city. We visited places like The Ship and Taste of Brazil. Eating good is a given when we come to town! We even coaxed the driver into going a little off the path so we could check out the Poppies at the World Word II memorial, which was really impressive to see at night.

The Anniversaries

The last day of every team meeting is reserved for celebrating anniversaries. In November we got to celebrate the following people:

Sara Kinslow – 7 years

Allison Heather – 7 years

Sara Rhodes – 6 years

Jessie Devine – 2 years

It’s hard to believe, but the next team meeting is just around the corner. We’re looking forward to getting together again and can’t wait to see what adventures await!

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