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Finding Gratitude in 2020

As we wind down the work week a few days early (or a week early!) to focus on giving thanks, we wanted to be sure to express our appreciation for our amazing clients, families and friends. But also our wonderful jobs at Sassafras Marketing! Thanksgiving serves as a reminder to take a breath from the crazy of life, pause and tell those we treasure just how much we appreciate them. Especially this year!

In the spirit of being thankful, here's why our team is thankful for Sassafras!


I'm grateful for the continued commitment and flexibility of the team.


I am super thankful for our fearless leaders, Geoff & Jenny, for being fiscally responsible business leaders and truly valuing all the employees to weather this COVID storm this year. I feel truly blessed to work for a company that has been fortunate enough not to have to furlough any employees through this very challenging year.


Having a great team around me every day.


I love that we are remote and we can stay safe and therefore, I can spend more time with my family.


My fellow wacky art directors. We’ve kept each other sane in this insane year.


Thankful to work for a company that truly cares about each employee and has made an effort to keep everyone on board during these times.


I am thankful for the clients and my co-workers at Sassafras. Every day I get to work on a variety of projects with fun people.


I'm thankful for Jenny and Geoff for taking a chance on a new partnership to allow me to continue the work that I love.


The flexibility in being remote and allowing me to go home and see my family or stop in to see friends. It has kept me sane.


The calm in the Covid chaos and a great team to work with and the flexibility that allows us to focus on our health.


I’m thankful for the whole team. Everyone is so collaborative and willing to help one another out.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from all of us at Sassafras Marketing. Wishing you heaps of blessings, love, and friendship!


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