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Fostering Goodwill: One Puppy at a Time

Like so many of our terrific Sassafras Marketing employees, Associate Art Director Madi Kaplan is very involved in her community and gives freely of her time whenever possible.  For the past six months, Madi has been fostering puppies.  The puppies she fosters come to her from Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption, a no-kill shelter for dogs and cats located in Mission, Kansas. Unleashed is a licensed, non-profit animal shelter that works to save the lives of homeless pets and strives to improve the image of bully breeds in society. Madi says that animals are often rescued from high kill shelters, picked up as strays, or rescued from lives of neglect and abuse.

How does Unleashed do this good work, day in, day out?  They rely on fosters, adopters and donations to make it all happen!

Madi tells us that fostering animals saves lives; Unleashed rescued over 1,500 animals last year because of foster families.  Fosters open up their homes to dogs that are ready for adoption but need a safe place to live while they wait for forever families.  She points out that it isn’t only puppies who need fostering.  “While puppies are cute, dogs of all ages need foster. Older dogs can be a much easier experience since they are most likely house and crate trained and don’t need nearly as much hands-on care. Sometimes pets are abandoned by their families, left confused and lonely at the shelter. Fosters step in and give these animals safe and relaxing homes until they find new families.”

Even fellow employee Sara Rhodes got in on the fun- word on the street is that Sara was puppy sitting last weekend for Madi.  And who wouldn’t want to- there’s something about holding and caring for a puppy that just feeds the soul.  And it runs in Madi’s family- her mom raised lots of puppies and was integral in helping her train and prepare for the foster process. “She always has great advice and gave me the confidence I needed to help a tiny puppy grow into a healthy dog ready for adoption.”

We’re proud of Madi and proud of the good work that the Unleashed volunteers, fosters, adopters and donors do each and every day.  We’re proud of all of our Sassafras employees, who do good in and around their communities!  Stay tuned - we have many more stories to tell!

*Interested in learning more about how you can get involved with Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption?  Click here!


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