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Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Today marks a special day at Sassafras Marketing. No, it’s not related to the 4th of July, but it is cause for celebration because our fun, fearless, fantastic leader has a birthday today! The team got together to wish her a happy birthday by celebrating our favorite things about her. We asked everyone to finish this sentence:

My favorite thing about Jenny is…

Her energy. — Shannon O’Geen

Her sense of humor. — Madi

When she tells a story. They’re always so colorful and funny. — Ashley

She makes everything FUN! — Andrea

Her sense of humor. — Sara K.

Her drive and energy towards any new obstacle. — Allison

She’s always having fun! — Tara

Her passion and energy. They are infectious! — Trevor

She is an athlete and a competitor. — Geoff

Her leadership. I think she is a fabulous & wonderful leader. — Shannon Redding

Her sense of humor and positivity. — Jessie

From your team at Sassafras, we hope you have a fabulous and FUN Birthday!


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