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Happy Holidays and Hello 2018!

As December winds to a close, the holidays beg us to take stock of the year’s blessings. At the same time, we anxiously look forward to what we expect to be a fabulous 2018! As we look back over the year, we offer a few notes of thanks.

To our clients and professional colleagues:

We are appreciative of the friendship, referrals, learning opportunities and fun times we’ve had. (Founder Jenny Holton’s time in Atlanta at The Women’s LINC Global Leadership Conference comes to mind. We’re also reminded of Account Director Andrea Oliver, who spent a week attending, working and playing at CinemaCon.) We are grateful for good health and the ability to create happiness for ourselves. Thank you to our clients for the trust you place in us on a daily basis, we are thankful for your business. The friendships we’ve made with each of you over the years are invaluable and we’re thankful for your repeat business and referrals.

To our family and friends:

Thank you for supporting us as we do what we love best: create best-in-class storytelling and artistic work that wows. Our unique jobs have afforded us the opportunity to learn lots, and in turn, teach each other, which is invaluable. Working remotely is a huge perk for us professionally, and the benefit obviously extends to you, our families!

Wishing you and yours wonderful holidays filled with good health, family, friends and endless joy! Happy New Year to you and all the best for a 2018 full of all good things.


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