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Hello, World! Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to our new Sassafras Marketing blog.  We’ve got all sorts of fun, informative stuff planned, and hope you’ll check back often and see what we’re up to.  You’ll find the latest from our teams all over the country.  We’ll share some case studies and even some testimonials. We love to stay involved and engaged with the communities in which we live, work and play; so we’ll let you know what we’re out and about doing when we’re not designing killer stories for our clients! Jenny, Geoff or any of our team members might chime in with their thoughts on the latest industry news or other marketing-related musings.

If you’re new to our website or new to Sassafras, hello.  Here’s what we’re all about, in a nutshell. We design stories.  And powerful stories deliver solid results.  Our work encompasses:

Branding – we can create an entirely new look and feel or visual identity system for your brand.

Campaigns – engage your consumers at multiple touchpoints.

Marketing Activations – activate your consumer programs to increase sales and loyalty toward your brand.

Stewardship – steward your value through Story Design to external partners or internal departments.

Business Pitches – grab the attention of your audience and design your story to sell your ideas.

Wanna see some examples of our work?  Check out some of our work samples.

Get to know us!  We hope you’ll follow our blog and check back often.  Feel free to contact us– we’d love to hear from you and help you design YOUR story!


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