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Hump Day Hoopla at Sassafras Marketing

Guess what day it is?

What does Geico’s Hump Day commercial remind us of? That we’ve made it halfway through our work week! Sassafras has been embracing this infamous midweek day with an interactive, creative activity to get our team engaged and pumped up to finish out the week strong.

Leading what we have affectionately coined Hump Day Hoopla, Art Director Shannon Redding gathers inspiration and comes up with fun, interactive games that the team plays together during our daily morning video calls. The games are different each week and Shannon is great about keeping the team engaged and getting our creative juices flowing. You never know what she’ll come up with but the more laughs and weird looks from the team, the better! So far we have danced, exercised, drawn, colored and played guessing games together, just to name a few.

Make sure you check out our Facebook page where we occasionally post our Hump Day Hoopla shenanigans. Happy Hump Day to you all!


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