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Industry Spotlight: Global Identity Reboot for Netflix by Gretel

Netflix is the world’s leading on-demand streaming media service.  As of April, 2016, Netflix boasts over 81M subscribers, who streamed a whopping 42.5 billion hours of content in 2015 alone. With its expansion and continued growth, last year, Netflix introduced a global brand identity designed by New York, NY-based Gretel.  This is where our ears perk up and we pay attention. Sassafras Marketing is all about branding, identity and storytelling!  And we have mad respect for Gretel, whose clients include New York Times Magazine, MoMA, Google and Citi Global.

From the Gretel case study:

“Netflix needed a brand through-line: a conceptual and visual thread to connect everything. Our challenge was to create something broad enough for a global brand but still unique and identifiable. To create something variable yet systematic and bulletproof. It had to be visually striking, adapt to any format, and hold up to interpretation by agencies and vendors around the globe.

Our solution: The Stack, a visual metaphor and an identity system in one. It implies both the infinite, ever-changing catalog and the custom-curated selections that make up the core of the Netflix service.”

The Stack helps to brand content while helping users navigate it, creating a system that works seamlessly on and off-air.

The following clip showcases display and rich media ads.

We like it!  While somewhat dizzying at first, The Stack reinforces the quick, click-through, scannable environment that people are used to when surfing Netflix. The brand feels connected and the user is reminded of the forward-thinking tendencies of Netflix.  Netflix also showcases its own programming and creates a flawless brand identity and association to the service–there’s no forgetting that one can catch Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in House of Cards ONLY on Netflix.


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