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Innovation: Driving Us to Excellence Every Day

As story designers, we must always be creative, innovative and think outside the box. We take great pride in our Sassafras Marketing team and the unbelievable way that ideas on paper become reality for our clients!

We draw lots of inspiration from our clients, but nobody does innovation like our biggest client, The Coca-Cola Company.  From our perspective, branding and innovation are two key drivers of their long term success.  It’s important to keep things fresh and interesting, and this video clip about the new Arctic Coke machines showcases that innovation.

Arctic Coke machines dispense perfectly made Slushy Cokes.  It’s genius!  You know how good a slightly frozen, ice crystal-ly, slushy Coke tastes on a hot day!  The engineers and innovators at Coca-Cola have figured out how to replicate that experience for consumers.  How does it work?  When you pull a bottle from the Arctic Coke cooler, it goes on a platform that vibrates the bottle.

With a press of a button, an invisible shiver goes through the drink, and ice crystals form instantaneously. It’s currently in the consumer testing phase, and we hope it makes its way to Kansas City ASAP!

Innovation is the very cornerstone of our team ideation sessions.  We are constantly striving to think bigger, better and smarter so we can deliver outstanding results to our clients- every single time. We are grateful to count Coca-Cola as one of our clients, and we look to them constantly for inspiration!


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