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Local Charity Spotlight Rd. 2 – Supporting St. Leo

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the first Sassafras-supported charity event of the year. As a quick recap, Sassafras owners Geoff and Jenny Holton have encouraged employees to get involved in their local communities in 2018 and selected four employees to receive money to donate to charities of their choice. In the first event we shared, Sara Rhodes attended a charity fundraiser in Kansas City that benefited Children’s Mercy Hospital. You can read more about that here.

Today’s charity spotlight takes us to Lexington, Kentucky where Sarah McNamara calls home. She recently participated in a community golf fundraiser benefiting St. Leo, a small Catholic school her two daughters attend. Below, Sarah breaks down her day and explains why she chose to give her charity dollars in support of this school.

Background, Highlights, and Happenings of the St. Leo Golf Fundraiser

Tell us a little bit about St. Leo St. Leo is a small school, so hosting events that get the community more involved helps increase visibility and opportunities and gives our students more access to the supplies they need to keep them more active and encourage creativity.

Why did you choose to give to the school? I have served on the school board for the past 5 years and as a group, we have been working on a growth plan to help increase the enrollment and resources for the school. One of these is the newly developed booster club, which is helping to fund additional activities for students. This charity was more about supporting the school and getting the community involved in a fun event. Although this event is not one of the main fundraising events at the school, the annual golf tournament is a fun way to get the community together and raise money for the Arts & Athletics booster club.

Tell us about the Annual Golf Tournament This event takes place during the summer as a way to get families together when school isn’t in session. It is a great social event that allows new families to meet others in the community and for the kids to continue to connect throughout the year.

What were some highlights of your day?

Our team consisted of St. Leo moms. Not only were we the only ALL female team in the tournament, we were also the only team that had a St. Leo student participating.

Abigail Caine joined our team for this event. Abigail is ranked in the top 25 for 9-year-old girls in the world. Needless to say, we were excited to have her join us.

Abigail’s enthusiasm and excitement for the sport were contagious. Since the tournament was a shotgun tournament, it was a fun day for her to get to play on a team (of moms) and not have the pressure of competition. It was a very supportive environment and each of us ended up with the winning shot throughout the day, which really gave it a team vibe. Abigail’s sportsmanship and respect for the game were insightful to those of us who are frequent golfers.

I don’t have official results or teams listed, but we finished in the top 10! We were the only all-female team and hope that we will encourage more moms to participate next year.


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