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Marketing Ideas for a Successful Holiday Season

Succeeding in the advertising game around the holidays is a little different than the rest of the year—it requires a certain festive touch. Read on to find out some ways you can leverage the holiday season to bring you the best marketing results.

Giveaways are a hit

It’s impossible to deny that one of the focuses around the holidays, besides friends and family, is … gifts. A holiday giveaway will direct all eyes to your brand. For example, consider an Instagram post where you’ll have people tag a couple of friends in order to be entered to win a free product or set of products. It’ll increase engagement and brand awareness, as well as introducing an image of generosity for your brand—along with giving customers a chance for regifting!

Emotions are a powerful driver of purchases

Everyone knows that they increase landing page conversions and boost a business’s sales. So tap into your customers’ holiday sentimentality, and send out emails that elicit a warm, cozy spirit. Copy and images that tap into the themes of the holidays, such as spending time with family, playing in the snow, or baking gingerbread cookies, will trigger your readers’ holiday nostalgia. Focus on images, as it takes only milliseconds to process them, and they create a stronger association than text alone.

Keep tabs on timing

The holiday rush can be stressful and frantic, with shoppers hunting down gifts for each loved one, and then ensuring they are delivered on time. You can make the rush work for you by keeping in tune with your customers’ anxiety. Tap into their eagerness to get holiday shopping out of the way early by offering free shipping for orders placed before December 15, or create an ad countdown for your sales. Let customers know exactly how much time they have to take advantage of an offer — this will create a sense of drive and urgency!

Remarketing for the win!

Speaking of urgency, holiday shoppers often find themselves browsing several websites at a time, trying to find the perfect gift. Many of them, overwhelmed by the time crunch and decision-making, end up abandoning these shopping carts. This is the best time to amp up remarketing, sending a personalized reminder to each shopper, prompting them with a reminder of what they’ve left behind. It just might make the difference between an abandoned shopping cart and a delivery full of holiday goodies!

Best of luck with your holiday marketing plans and Seasons Greetings from Sassafras Marketing!


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