Meet Nadesha Ahn, Sassafras Account Director!

Say hello to Nadesha!

Artists, creatives, account managers…you’ll find them all at Sassafras Marketing! Our amazing team includes folks like Account Director Nadesha Ahn, who is our newest member to join our team. Nadesha calls Boston, MA home and she is the first Sassafras employee who resides in the Northeast! We can’t wait for the creativity our Beantown hire will bring to the team!

Learn more about Nadesha…

What do you like most about working at Sassafras?

I love the emphasis on cultivating a team culture within a virtual work environment.

Your hometown postcard—what’s on it?

Greetings from Boston! Maybe it’s the marketer in me, but could we do a series of postcards? There are just too many icons to fit into one postcard! We could have one for the history buff, sports fan, and of course, the foodie!

Who is your hero and why?

My parents are my heroes! At 30 and 26 years old with three kids under nine, they moved to the U.S. and now they’re retired in their early sixties. They achieved the American Dream through hard work and perseverance.

What book are you reading right now?

Reading a book…I remember those days. With a 2.5-year-old, reading time is slim-to-none, but the last book I read from cover to cover was Oh Crap! Potty Training.

Name an interesting thing about yourself that others might not know.

I have flexible toes and often prefer to pick things up with my feet. My husband refers to it as my “monkey toes.”

What is your favorite website or app?

It’s a South Korean messaging app called KaKao Talk. They have the BEST emojis!

Describe your ideal Saturday.

It would start with a cup of piping hot coffee followed by a long walk along the Charles River.

You’re leaving town for a very, very long time…where would you dine for your last meal and what would you eat?

It would be Anchovies in Boston’s South End and I’d definitely get meatballs with linguine. It’s not necessarily the best Italian in the city, but I have some favorite food memories there.

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