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Our Favorite Small Businesses to Support this Holiday Season and Beyond

As you begin checking holiday gifts off your list this year, be sure to consider small businesses in your shopping. Now more than ever, shopping small has greater importance and this holiday season may be the difference between ‘make or break’ for many small businesses in your community.

Why shop small? Local businesses are essential for our economy. They bring growth and innovation to our communities. They provide employment and create entrepreneurship opportunities and, of course, they are our neighbors and friends! In many ways, they are what make our towns special and unique!

Many local businesses may be feeling a financial strain right now and are worried about the future. Next time you’re ready to do some shopping, consider popping into your local stores to see what they have to offer or grabbing some takeout from a local restaurant as you head home. If you’re looking for more ways to help support small businesses, check out this article from Forbes lists.

Here at Sassafras, we understand the importance of small businesses and love to support our local communities. Oftentimes, they have some of the best gifts, ideas and delicious bites —much different than the mainstream. Here’s a list (and handy links, as well!) of some of our team’s favorite small businesses in our areas:

Remember, the lull periods for small businesses happen right after the holidays and into January and February. So, as you’re making your gift list (and checking it twice!), let’s all do our part to help support small businesses and our local communities this holiday and beyond!


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