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Our Plans for 2019

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? Hope we haven’t missed the mark there, but the new year, as it tends to do, has already gotten away from us. Coming out of 2018 we had a lot of big projects in the works and when we came back together on January 2, it was business as usual here at Sassafras.

Now don’t get me wrong. The new year always brings with it a sense of excitement and newness. Goals are being set and the past year reflected on. When we look back at 2018 we see some fun milestones uncovered as a company. But what do we have in store for the year to come? Well, let me take a minute to tell you.

Sassafras Travels

CinemaCon: The first big trip of 2019 takes place the first week in April with Andrea and Jessie traveling to Las Vegas for CinemaCon. CinemaCon is the largest and most important gathering for the worldwide motion picture theater industry. CinemaCon is a global event attracting attendees from more than 80 countries. Coca-Cola is the official presenting sponsor of CinemaCon and Sassafras supports Coke to help make this event a success, from designing the trade show booth to creating publication ads, coordinating events, and so much more! We’ll be sure to give you a recap after the show!

Team Meetings: Next up are our annual team meetings in May and November. This is a time where we take a few days to meet in person in Kansas City. We enjoy getting together to learn, grow, and push to get better at what we do. It’s always a ton of fun!

Client Trips: Numerous trips to visit clients are already in the works in 2019. Since our team is virtual, the account team travels regularly to meet clients and build relationships. It’s always nice to catch up with clients in person.

More Focused Growth

2018 was a year where we made a lot of new connections and brought on some fantastic clients that we have never had the pleasure of working with before. Our sales and business development arm will continue to work to make more new connections while our creative and account teams work hard to infuse Story Design into everything they deliver for our existing clients. Story Design is our bread and butter and what separates us from the pack. Reach out if you are curious and want to learn more.

Whatever your goals for 2019 are, we hope you reach for the stars and find success along the way. From all of us at Sassafras Marketing, happy new year!


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