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Professional Habit Tips from the Sassafras Team

Being successful in the workplace takes on many forms. For our team, we like to start with good professional habits and build up from there. Having an organized and solid foundation elevates your work. To get to the bottom of what habits our team values the most, we polled them and thought we would share!

The top two tips from our team were:

Ask Questions. Asking questions is a great tool to use. They can help you gain clarity on more abstract ideas and help to avoid misunderstandings that could be easily avoided.

To Do Lists. Making to do lists was a very popular habit for our team! Some make a new to do list everyday, while others make lists with everything they need to accomplish for the week and continually update. Everyone agreed that having these physical lists are a great reminder and tool to help reach your goals.

Our team also had some other great tips to help keep focused and be productive at work.

1. Check Your Calendar – Checking your calendar every morning for your schedule, meetings, and tasks is a great way to prepare yourself for the day ahead.

2. Outlook Tasks – Creating outlook tasks as reminders is an easy way to make yourself a virtual to do list that populates on your schedule and pops up when it’s time to check something off your list.

3. Always Think Further Than Your First Thought – When up against a challenge, thinking further than your initial thought or idea helps you to be more creative or innovative, to push the boundaries. You may return to your first thought or idea and find it was the best, but it is always a good idea to keep thinking and keep challenging.

4. No Multi-Tasking – Some of our team members find that when you are working on a specific task, you should do your best to be fully focused and not give your attention to anything else. So, keep those distractions to a minimum when you really need to crunch.

What are your favorite tips on professional habits? Tell us in the comments!


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