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Sassafras Attends a Women’s Leadership Conference in NYC

With March being Women’s History Month, it’s a great time to talk about the achievements of women everywhere. So we thought we’d wrap up the month of March by recapping a recent event in New York that Sassafras founder and CEO Jenny Holton attended. But first, in case you didn’t know, Women’s History Month is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. You can learn more about that here.

Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky®

In February, Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky® — the success and leadership summit for women® was held in New York City. The conference is led by c-suite executives from all over, including senior managers, directors and vice presidents across functions. They come to share their organizations’ and their own best practices for success. Jenny attended the event to support our clients at Coca-Cola who spoke this year, as well as to learn and bring ideas back to Sassafras.

This year, the conference discussions were focused on diversity in the workplace, especially when it comes to women in leadership roles. Attendees came to learn best practices for gender diversity and inclusion, hear stories about success and leadership, and network with others. Focus was also put on enabling women leaders with future skills, best practices, and tools and technologies to get themselves and their teams to the next level.

Let’s Hear about Jenny’s Experience

How many years have you been attending this conference?

This was my first year and I loved it! It was very inspirational and I made some great connections with female leaders across several different functions. The speakers were great and I really enjoyed listening to them talk about their careers and their take on women in business and how to succeed in leadership in the future.

What made you want to attend this year?

Coca-Cola is a World Sponsor and my good friend and colleague Julie Hamilton asked me if I was interested in joining her at the event. Julie has been involved with the organization for several years and was one of the speakers.

What was your biggest takeaway?

I took so many great nuggets of information from the conference but the biggest takeaway was the importance of using your hands as tools for your future; REACH OUT and shake hands as you never know who you will meet – REACH UP and raise your hand to volunteer for things and let people know you are interested – REACH DOWN and bring those behind you up.

I look forward to the opportunity to attend again next year and celebrate gender diversity in business as well as learn from successful female business leaders.


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