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Sassafras Celebrates with Coca-Cola Freestyle® Team

We’ve been busy this spring- and that includes a little celebrating!  After lots of hard work on multiple large projects in support of Coca-Cola Freestyle® products, the Sassafras Marketing team celebrated our successes with the Coke Freestyle® team.  They didn’t disappoint- and treated us to lots of new swag!  Our teams enjoyed lunch at Atlanta’s Legal Seafood.

Our team has been fortunate enough to work with The Coca-Cola Company for over 15 years, and our work on Coca-Cola Freestyle® included preparing a variety of internal communications and educational tools for them.

Thanks to our friends at The Coca-Cola Company- they always inspire and energize our team to work on the Coke® Brand!  It’s been a fun experience working with your team on this exciting innovative brand and dispenser. Here’s to many more years of this super collaboration!


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