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Sassafras Marketing Pizza Photo Shoot: Deconstructed

Pictures good enough to eat:  that is the goal when we head into a food photo shoot. We recently had a fun but quick-turn food photo shoot to support a client. Sassafras Marketing joined forces with a fabulous local photographer – Wheat Photography – in downtown Kansas City. It was fun to pull it together quickly, engage talent, create props and get the lighting just right.  A photoshoot is just one of the things we are able to do to support our clients and better help tell THEIR stories. For other examples of our work product, click here!


The process:  Once we color correct and photo retouch, it will be time to place the photos in our Point of Sale (POS) design and get it out the door to print. From there it will be placed into a national convenience retail store chain.  You’ll be able to see our work throughout the country!

Our customer had a need for very quick-turn custom photographs for a POS campaign that was due in a week and we delivered.  We captured the list of shots needed, secured the props and talent within a couple of days. We purchased the pizza as a place holder, grated the cheese fresh, found vine-ripened tomatoes, and sourced talented hand models. The ingredients came together for a terrific pizza photoshoot–all in a day’s work! Now dig in!



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