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Sassafras Marketing: Working Remotely Works for Us!


As storytellers and strategic designers, it’s important that we are in constant communication and on the same page with each other when it comes to our shared vision.  Or our muses.  Or color palettes, fonts, favorite bands or what’s for lunch.  We accomplish this in several ways- and have found that our virtual team members really aren’t so far apart after all.

For starters, we are lucky to count each other as friends.  And friends like to communicate and hang out together.  We pull out all the stops- FaceTime, regular team conference and (daily) video calls, IM, texting, emailing, virtual office hangouts, you name it.  Our creative team works with everyone on the account team, so we routinely talk to many of our peers on a daily basis, as we juggle the jobs they manage.

We try to get together as a full company several times a year, typically in KC.  This MAY or MAY NOT involve delicious food, guest speakers, long nights out on the town and general shenanigans…

An informal poll (very informal!) reveals that our team members love the virtual environment.  Why?

  1. Those with young families enjoy the flexibility and added work-life balance it affords.

  2. Those without children enjoy the flexibility and added work-life balance it affords!

  3. “Come as you are” to work can be an amazing benefit!

  4. We can always feel connected, even while traveling to visit friends or family.

It’s definitely different for those of us that came from a traditional, office-based agency setting, and takes some getting used to at first.  It’s a matter of working differently and working smarter. And we think it’s a win-win as far as our wonderful clients are concerned!


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