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Sassafras, Subway, and Hubert’s Lemonade!

Anytime we’re able to help clients solve a problem and offer a creative solution, we’re all in!

We were recently presented with the opportunity to help our Subway client at Coca-Cola create a video to share the story of Hubert’s Lemonade rolling out nationally at Subway locations. But first, we needed to organize a photoshoot to capture some great photography that we could then use in the video.

Subway Hubert's Lemonade

We had to get creative on how to produce the video quickly and within a limited budget. Part of the Sassafras account team leading this project is based in Louisville, KY, so we contacted a local photographer in Louisville, Fusion Photography, to capture the story of Hubert’s launching at Subway. We ended up shooting at two Subway locations near Louisville. The final product incorporated still and live shots with illustrated content.

Our client wanted the video to communicate the excitement of Hubert’s now being available at Subway. They wanted the tone to be fun and upbeat – showcasing the youthful nature of the Hubert’s brand.

If we learned anything from this shoot, it was that pour footage can be hard to capture, and keeping the ice fresh and appealing is a full-time job! In the end, the images and video turned out beautifully and in true Sassafras fashion, we had a great time! Cheers to that!


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