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Sassafras Team Descends Upon KC and Karaoke Ensues!

It’s always a great time when we get together as a full team.  The creativity flows, and we leave feeling energized, invigorated and usually totally wiped out from all the fun we had!  Last week, we met as a full Sassafras Marketing team in Kansas City.  It goes without saying that we had a great time and we really enjoyed welcoming Jessie Devine and Becky Duncan, our newest team members.  (Read our blog posts to learn more about Jessie and Becky!)

We divided our meeting days between several fun locations to keep each day fresh!  Our meeting featured games and prizes – with fun brain breaks to answer trivia questions, play buzzword games and engage in a friendly competition. We enjoyed some fantastic team building activities and some great Sassafras planning sessions.


We welcomed our two newbies while celebrating a few milestone anniversaries! Big congrats to Allison Heather and Sara Kinslow who have both been with Sassafras for five amazing years! Time flies when you’re having fun, and it is racing by!

So how do Sassafras-ers have fun after hours while in Kansas City?  We enjoyed a night out at a new entertainment venue called Main Event- where you basically eat, drink, bowl and play!  What’s not to like? The next night we found ourselves enjoying KC’s unique and lively Crossroads Arts District, with a delicious meal out at Extra Virgin and karaoke at Cigar Box!  Who knew we had so many talented singers/dancers/performers at our disposal?!?


We’ll definitely take the memories and creative infusion with us as we head back to our offices to implement the plans we created.  We’re already looking forward to when we’ll meet again as a full team next spring!


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