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Sassafras Unveils Charity Program

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve probably heard us talk about how we encourage employees to give back, and how we too enjoy working with local organizations and charities in Kansas City. Because we’re a virtual agency with employees spread from the Midwest to the East Coast, we feel it’s important for our team to get involved in their own communities and give back when they can. That was and remains to be the premise behind the development of the Sassafras charity program.

As the program has evolved and grown over the years, we decided it was time to formalize it a bit more so it could scale as the agency grows. So we decided to give it a name and its own unique look. Our internal team– Andrea, Mackenzie, and Shannon–worked hard to create the perfect name and branding. After many months of hard work, we’re excited to introduce to you the Sassafras Giving Tree.

Here’s a little more about the program and the thought-ware that went into its development.

In our Sassafras Giving Tree logo, we’ve changed our signature Sassafras tree to demonstrate the various ways we hope to impact and change the communities around us. The hands are gently supporting the leaves, just as we will support the many deserving charitable groups in our future. The diverse colors in the leaves represent the various charities and communities that we hope to touch.

The Mission of the Sassafras Giving Tree

We value our team and their world outside of Sassafras. This includes the communities they live in and the organizations that they cherish. We believe spending time involved in organizations that are important to us builds stronger, happier, and more fulfilled team members. It’s important to share our time, our talents and our resources to improve the quality of life for others in all of our Sassafras communities.

The Next Chapter of the Sassafras Giving Tree

Our next chapter will introduce a new way to keep our team engaged within their communities by empowering them to give to organizations they are passionate about in unique ways.

This new process will:

  1. Allow team members to take ownership of giving to something they feel passionately about in their community

  2. Require team members to participate in the charity in addition to the financial donation

  3. Allow team members who live in close proximity to each other do something bigger together

  4. Ensure we are aligning our community giving with our mission

We are really excited to introduce our new charity logo, name, mission, and purpose with you! It’s really been a passion of ours to formalize this program and having our employees work so closely to bring it to fruition was really the icing on the cake! Be sure to follow along as the year progresses and we share the good deeds that come from the Sassafras Giving Tree.

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