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Say Hello to…Our Muses! Honda, PlantNet, and KC’s Whiskey Design

So, how do we creative types get the creative juices flowing?  Admittedly, there are some days that find us feeling more inspired than others!  But something we all agree on is the inspiration and motivation we get from others in our industry.  We know a good campaign when we see one, and we’ve been behind some pretty awesome ones ourselves!  Whether it’s graphic design, copy or a television ad, we love good design and amazing storytelling!  

Here are some of our recent faves:

People falling in love with Hondas.  To the music of a choir and instantly-recognizable tunes.  Need we say more?  These Glee-inspired ads are brilliant and have us all humming along!  Between these ads and James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke”– we can’t get enough of singing in cars!

File this next one under “YEP- there’s an app for that!”  You know about Shazam, the nifty app that lets you identify songs with the push of a button? Well, for all you nature lovers- there’s a Shazam-like app for plant identification! Talk about thinking outside the box- something we strive to do each and every day- this is fantastic!  The PlantNet app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

From The app features visualization software that recognizes many plant species, provided they have been illustrated well enough in the botanical reference base. PlantNet currently works on more than 4,100 species of wild flora of the French territory, and the species list is provided through the application. The number of species included and images used by the application grows as more users contribute.


Finally, kudos to a fellow Kansas City agency, Whiskey Design.  We were obviously drawn to the fact that this piece from PRINT highlighted creative food truck design…because, well, food trucks. But then, we noticed that first of the featured design teams is right here in our backyard! Whiskey Design does excellent work and we agree that their work on the award-winning Rocket Pizza truck features expert branding and impeccable design.  Bravo!



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