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Share A Coke Videos - Try Your Name Today!

We just love Coca-Cola’s uber-creative summer program. And to go along with the “Share a Coke” campaign, the company released thousands of mini-songs that feature first and last names found on Coke bottles in stores. The tunes are unique for every name and typically last around 18 seconds. Songs span multiple styles and genres. Ad Age reports that Coke used nine singers to record the 1,000-plus songs. To find a song, simply type a name into Coke’s campaign site.

Warning: searching for names and songs can be slightly addicting and is a great time suck! Case in point– here are three featuring first names of a few Sassafras employees! So what are you waiting for? Share a Coke with Jenny, Trevor and Sara!

Is your name immortalized in a Share a Coke song?! (Spoiler alert: if your name isn’t common, there’s a special “Sorry!” track just for you!)


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