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Steppin’ It Up for Wellness & Stayin’ Healthy!

If you regularly follow our blog, then you know about our fall meeting in Kansas City. One of the things to come out of that meeting was the introduction of the Steppin’ It Up for Wellness program. It’s no secret that in a virtual environment there are days you don’t leave your house so Jenny and Geoff Holton wanted to encourage Sassafras teammates to get moving! They introduced a 6-month challenge based on taking steps and will incorporate mini-challenges along the way to keep it fresh. Jenny said, “The health and wellness of our employees is important to Geoff and me and we want to encourage mental and physical wellness. This is one step in that direction.”

For a little insight, we chatted with Sassafras employee Ashley Scherzer. Here’s what she had to say:

On the program itself:

In a nutshell, the Steppin’ It Up for Wellness program is a six-month step challenge for all employees. We kicked off the challenge at our 2017 fall team meeting and it will conclude the week prior to the 2018 spring meeting. We’ll draw teams and select the four winners. It’s pretty flexible because exercises, other than walking or running, can be converted into steps. We get credit for other physical activities like swimming, biking, weightlifting and handball.

On the importance of health & wellness to Sassafras leadership:

Geoff and Jenny really care about their employees. They realize that healthy employees tend to be happier and more creative. Being in a fast-paced industry and working remotely, it’s too easy for employees to get wrapped up in work and not take a break for themselves. This challenge is a way to encourage them to pause and get up and move. It’s really opened the conversation of healthy eating and exercise between the team, via chat, IM or during our morning calls.

We all have an app we use for tracking our steps – IncentFit.  There’s a leaderboard, so it’s fun to talk about it. We have a few employees who have already hit 1 million steps! Almost once a week, we set a time at the end to share healthy recipes, exercise tips, struggles, accomplishments, etc. We’re working on a plan to start doing some live physical challenges, such as holding a plank, wall sits, fun stuff like that.

On being motivated to participate:

During the six months, everyone is tracking his/her steps individually. At the next team meeting, there will be a drawing of four teams of four people. The top two contenders have an advantage because they get a chance to be on two winning teams. Winners will get a relaxing extended weekend getaway to a fun destination where they can enjoy leisurely activities, or just get some R&R!

Ashley told us that she’s looking forward to the spring agency meeting and the intense competition. “I’m looking forward to warmer weather so I can make up some lost steps due to this frigid Kansas winter!”

GOOD LUCK to all of our Sassy steppers!


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