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Storytelling Inspiration: Illustrations! Animation! Music!

As story designers, we are constantly looking around us for inspiration.  It can come in the form of other stories, ad campaigns, artwork, food or music.  Sometimes, inspiration smacks us in the head after hours spent surfing YouTube videos!  Such was the case that led us to these gems.  We know a good campaign when we see one, and we’ve been behind some pretty awesome ones ourselves!  Whether it’s graphic design, copy or animation, we love good design and amazing storytelling!  Click here to learn more about the Sassafras Marketing crew!

The first ad clip comes to us from the folks at Budweiser USA, and we love it for its animation genius.  It screams “America” and reminds us of a cross-country road trip- quintessential America! Animation has been around for thousands of years and is an awesome vehicle for delivering a story. This makes it a key component in marketing and advertising.

This video, A Chapter in the Notebook Story: Evolution of the Keyboard by Samsung, takes full advantage of illustrations, animation and music.  Clocking in at almost three minutes in length, it has still managed to garner over 600,000 views, which is impressive when you consider that people’s attention spans are shrinking!

The video (which blurs the lines between short film and advertisement) examines the value of the written record and how the laptop keyboard has changed over the years to assist modern communication- something we can ALL relate to!  The music is mesmerizing and the animation and illustrations top notch.  Take a look!


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