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Summer is Here–Time to Share an Ice Cold Coke

Last year, millions of consumers delighted in finding their name on Coca-Cola 20oz bottles. The pure joy of walking into a store and seeing a bottle with your name–or the name of a family member or friend on it–was just too exciting to pass up. “Share a Coke” was a brilliant marketing campaign and this year it’s back with a twist!

With the same premise as years past but under a new pseudonym–“Share an ICE COLD Coke”– consumers can enjoy finding both their first and last name on 20oz bottles of Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke and Coke Life.

In a recent article on Coca-Cola’s website, Stuart Kronauge, senior vice president, Brand and Strategic Marketing, Coca-Cola North America, said: “We’re excited to bring back ‘Share a Coke’ this year, refreshed with more names and now last names. By extending ‘Share a Coke’ across five Coca-Cola products, we’re giving people more great tasting choices and ways to share and enjoy simple moments together this summer.”

Why We Get Excited about an Ice Cold Coke

As you probably know, Coca-Cola is a client of ours who we’ve worked with for many, many years. We’ve been hearing a lot of build-up about the new Ice Cold Summer program and have even worked with several customer teams at Coca-Cola to help implement promotions in-market using this campaign. We have always loved this promotion and think the expansion to more products along with the addition of last names will be a marketing home run. And, in case you’re Coke-crazy like us, if you visit, you can customize and purchase 8-ounce glass bottles of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero for any special person or occasion.

Our Sassafras Marketing team is honored to work with such great people on this iconic American brand. You can bet if we find bottles with our first and last names, those puppies are going on the shelf! #collectable

Cheers to having an ICE COLD summer!


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