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The 5 Best Ads of 2019 So Far

Here at Sassafras Marketing, we get really excited when we see a stunningly-designed ad campaign. From hieroglyphics to memes, these are the campaigns we’re loving this year so far.

1. Tribeca Film Festival’s “Great Stories Are Timeless”

In this imaginative campaign, Tribeca Film Festival took scenes from modern favorites like The Simpsons and Apocalypse and rendered them in Egyptian hieroglyphics. These “great stories” were part of the 2019 festival’s retrospective series, which also included translations of the iconic movie Say Anything and the mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap. In the campaign video, you can see highly-detailed and creative renderings of these classics as well as hieroglyphs representing the festival’s six programming sections: film, television, music, virtual reality, online work, and live talks.

2. Spotify’s Memes

Everyone loves funny ads. This year, Spotify targeted millennials with a meme-inspired campaign for social spaces. Featuring the tagline “Music for every mood,” each ad uses the popular Me/Also Me meme format to convey conflicting emotions. The Also Me “punchline” is the name of an official Spotify playlist to match the mood (i.e., Sad Emo, Timeless Love Songs, Feel Good Dinner). 

3. Deliveroo’s Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

Deliveroo celebrated Easter while also capitalizing on the mania surrounding the final season of Game of Thrones by creating gorgeous dragon eggs made of white chocolate that fans could order along with their takeout. The iridescent desserts were hand-painted to look just like the eggs that famously debuted in season one of the HBO series. The eggs launched on April 14, 2019 — the day of the GoT season premiere — and were available through Easter Sunday (April 21).

4. Kellogg’s’ Clean Redesign

This year, Kellogg’s radically redesigned its cereal boxes for the European market. The boxes now center around a photograph of a bowl of each cereal, promoting transparency about what the food actually looks like and putting the focus back on “natural grains.” The clean, uniform design strategy was based on feedback from consumers that the brand’s packaging wasn’t prominent enough. According to Kellogg’s, not only can 70% of their customers locate the new boxes more easily, but the design also increased purchase intent by 50%.

5. Oatly’s Self Aware Out-of-Home Ads

We love Oatly’s funny and self-aware approach to outdoor advertising. The ads, which feature bold block letters and a simple image of an oat-milk carton, say things like “You actually read this? Total success,” and “They will stick an ad for oat milk anywhere these days.” 

These campaigns prove that when it comes to getting the consumer’s attention in a competitive market, making unique, funny, and bold choices pays off. What are some of your favorite campaigns of the year so far?


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