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The Interns Hit the Road to Learn Marketing in the Real World

Our winter interns have been keeping busy and enjoying some hands-on experience here at Sassafras Marketing. One of the really fun initiatives we implemented for this group of students was to send them on a series of field trips — real-life business meetings with some of Kansas City’s most successful marketing professionals. During their time here, they visited with four different professionals over the course of a few weeks to hear first-hand about how marketing roles can vary across a wide variety of industries.

In this guest post from Taylor Mason, one of our winter interns, you’ll hear about the places they visited and some of the key takeaways from each stop.

Here’s Taylor:

It’s safe to say this has been the busiest winter break of our lives. This past month as interns we have gotten to work on several different projects and be a part of many portfolio-building assignments. In addition, each week we had the opportunity to sit down with an industry leader and learn their journey, as well as how marketing affects their business.

Katie Chaffee – Cerner

Our first field trip was to Cerner’s worldwide headquarters where we sat down with Senior Vice President Katie Chaffee. Our morning started out with Katie taking us around Cerner and talking about their internal marketing. She displayed their different showrooms and explained their different business-to-business tactics. We then learned about Katie’s business journey and her roles in the company.

Nate Bukaty – 810 Radio & Sporting KC

Our next stop was to visit Nate Bukaty, the lead commentator for Sporting KC & cohost for the Border Patrol radio show on 810 radio. There we sat in on the Border Patrol show and learned about the different radio positions in the industry. Nate shared with us his secrets to building our own brand, especially with the use of social media. He also taught us about the different positives and negatives of social media.

Jenny Holton – Sassafras Marketing

Next up, we sat down with Sassafras’ own CEO Jenny Holton. Jenny shared her story and the different steps that she took to make Sassafras the company it is today. She shared how Sassafras adjusted their marketing efforts to focus on creating and displaying a story. She then explained to us the different processes in place for the account and design teams. Lastly, Jenny also spilled her secrets for future interviews and job advice.

Jason Drummond – Down Syndrome Guild

To wrap things up we met with the CEO of Down Syndrome Guild, Dr. Jason Drummond. Jason started the meeting by sharing his journey to CEO. We then discussed the road map for DSG and learned about the different tactics the company is pursuing to help their mission. Jason wrapped up the discussion by sharing his advice on building a positive reputation and creating a strong network.

We were so grateful to get the opportunity to sit down and chat with each of these successful individuals. The knowledge that they shared with us will help as we further our careers and venture into the real world.


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