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Video Storytelling - Give it a Try!

Some of the year’s best online marketing and social media campaigns have featured videos. This isn’t surprising as videos are eye-catching, especially those that are creative and done well. When you scroll through social media content, you naturally pause and glance at videos. They just stand out. Marketers are smart and understand that consumers prefer short videos over copy and still images. A quick tip: Facebook prioritizes video uploaded directly to Facebook (native video) versus video shared from another source, like Vimeo or YouTube, so keep that in mind if Facebook is a primary marketing tool used by your business.

If you’ve ever paused on and been sucked into those addictive food prep videos from Buzzfeed’s Tasty or Tastemade, then you know what we’re talking about! Why do these how-to videos from Tastemade and Tasty work? Why do they get thousands of likes and shares and so much engagement? The recipes are (generally) easy to recreate, the content is short, the videos are well done and colorful, and the music is calming if not straight up hypnotic!

Content + Creativity + Music + Video = SUCCESS!

Interested in creating your own eye-catching animated videos for sharing on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram? We like Ripl– a nifty app that lets you (or your business) create videos for not a lot of cash! In Ripl’s own words, “Small business owners also need a compelling brand identity and online customer engagement in order to compete, grow and thrive. Your customers will tell your story best… if you provide them a memorable story to share and make it easy for them to show their love!”

Ripl is a mobile app, and it’s quick, simple and pretty intuitive. Here’s an example of a video made on Ripl- it’s by Grateful Dogs Rescue in San Francisco, and it especially speaks to us a few members of our team regularly foster pets from local shelters.

We hope you’ll dive into video storytelling; and with apps like Ripl, it’s becoming easier to do, and you’ll definitely see the return in terms of exposure and engagement!

Happy Monday! The perfect start to the New Year is a new dog! This is Grateful Dogs Rescue's Skipper. She's a marvelous Pom-Chi Mix. Skipper is 1-2 years old. She's a tiny 9 lb girl. Posted by Grateful Dogs Rescue on Monday, January 2, 2017


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