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Welcome Mackenzie to the Sassafras Account Team

When we said 2018 was a year of growth for Sassafras, we weren’t’ kidding! Mackenzie was another new employee who joined our team last year and we’re excited to finally be introducing her. Mackenzie is an account manager who works closely with Sarah McNamara on client accounts, and we have to say, the team has gotten a little more fun since Mackenzie joined! Learn a little more about her:

What do you like most about working at Sassafras?

Each day is different! With so many unique projects going at once, I am never bored!

Your hometown postcard—what’s on it?

A Kentucky Derby hat, bourbon on the rocks and the Hot Brown! It’s an open-faced turkey sandwich, covered in cheesy Mornay sauce, bacon and tomatoes. It’s the official sandwich of Louisville. You can’t leave without trying one.

Who is your hero and why?

My mother and father have an amazing relationship after 30+ years of running a business together. They are both exceedingly kind and generous people. They make me very proud!

What book are you reading right now?

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. Classic!

Name an interesting thing about yourself that others might not know.

I make tons of playlists in anticipation of one day having my own radio show. If I ever get the call, I’ll be ready!  My friends call me DJ Mackie Day.

What is your favorite website or app?

Forest is a great app for those who want to unplug and spend less time using their phone. You “plant a tree” and if you use your phone, the tree dies. The budding gardener in me just can’t let that happen, so it really helps me stay focused on what I’m doing.

Describe your ideal Saturday!

No alarms, coffee, a hike somewhere beautiful but not too strenuous, dinner somewhere I haven’t been and a movie on the couch.

You’re leaving town for a very, very long time…where would you dine for your last meal and what would you eat?

Come Back Inn, a tiny, homey Italian spot, about 3 minutes from my house. They gave me a Christmas card one year with a scratch-off lottery ticket inside and it was the best gift because I knew I had achieved “regular” status!  I’d order their spaghetti bolognese, add mushrooms.


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