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Wendy’s + Coca-Cola = A Winning Combination!

Two iconic American brands, Wendy’s and Coca-Cola have enjoyed a long-standing partnership! Our Sassafras Marketing team is honored to work with such great people on these brands. We just completed a cool digital media project for them promoting Coca-Cola Freestyle at Wendy’s. The Coca-Cola Freestyle campaign was a super fun project highlighting an incredibly successful partnership between two awesome brands!

This campaign utilized several media outlets including Waze, Pandora, Facebook, and static and animated web banners to help customers locate the closest Wendy’s with Coca-Cola Freestyle.


So what is Coca-Cola Freestyle?  In a nutshell, it’s a unique touchscreen soda fountain with 100+ drink choices, so no matter what you’re doing or how you feel, you can choose a Coca-Cola drink that fits your mood.  It is an innovative machine with a fun brand personality. And now you can experience Coca-Cola Freestyle at one of over 3100+ Wendy’s restaurants near you!

It was great fun collaborating with these two brands on this digital project. We loved being involved with these two brands and their awesomely creative minds!.  See more of our great work product here. Cheers to 100+ drink choices!


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