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What is the Sassafras Stamp Of Approval?

Most agencies and organizations have some sort of “quality control” process in place to ensure consistency and better-than-expected work product. At Sassafras Marketing, we have instituted and embraced the “Sassafras Stamp of Approval.” This is our internal way of knowing that each and every client deliverable exceeds the highest industry standards of design, not to mention the high expectations we have of ourselves! Probably not by coincidence, Sassafras Founder/CEO Jenny Holton has surrounded herself with detail-obsessed folks! We double and triple-check our work before it’s ever put in front of a client.

Why do we do this? From our early days, we’ve had the good fortune of working with some of the biggest and best brands, like Coca-Cola. We saw early on just how high the bar can be set, and we accept no less from ourselves for EVERY client we support. What this means is that we fixate on the little details like line breaks in copy or color appearance and how it depends on the variance of surrounding colors.

Our Group Creative Director, Allison Heather, notes that Sassafras has been recognized in multiple “Best of Class” creative categories, and she attributes much of this success to our commitment to quality and our Sassafras Stamp of Approval process. She went on to say, “Our multiple rounds of review ensure consistency and excellence every step of the way. We have many things in place, including proofreaders, production checklists and creative checklists. It also kind of helps that everyone has bought into our Stamp of approval and are obsessed with quality!”

Want to learn more about what we do? Click here to see some samples of our work.


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