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How 7-Eleven Upped Its Cool Factor

The convenience store can’t afford to be square because its customers are anything but. This year, 7-Eleven has worked hard to shift its image with several initiatives. It’s even worked with muralists across the country to give some of its stores a splashy new look that fits right into the community

But the heart and soul of the new push is an exciting series of eclectic commercial spots. By focusing on its diverse clientele, 7-Eleven managed to pull off the impossible — proving they’re ready to adapt to new market needs.

Showcasing their hippest customers

7-Eleven partnered with Harmony Korine — the exciting, off-kilter director of youth-driven hits like Spring Breakers — to put a spotlight on their diverse customer base. The 30-second ad spots highlight the unique personalities who visit 7-Eleven, from all-female biker groups searching for a Big Gulp to Japanese rock-and-roll fans.

The tagline of the campaign, “Take It to Eleven,” gets to the heart of what the campaign’s really about: exuberance, fun, joy, and, of course, the diversity that’s such a central part of the convenience store experience and 7-Eleven’s broad customer base. With these splashy ads, 7-Eleven has shown it is interested in grabbing everyone’s attention.

But it’s not just about TV. The campaign’s integrated approach means that the same exuberant messaging will reach consumers across a wide variety of channels. The campaign, which is set to run for the rest of the year, will include outdoor signage, radio spots, digital media ads, and ads on streaming platforms.

Seizing the moment

You probably haven’t seen a lot of 7-Eleven commercials in recent years, and that’s because the company wasn’t focusing on that type of marketing campaign. The new campaign, which will likely cost around $70 million, comes at a strategic time.

As the pandemic accelerated a shift to e-commerce, 7-Eleven needed to rethink the way it emphasized convenience in its branding. At the same time, the company has made many recent upgrades that it wanted to communicate.

In recent years, the company has been keeping things flashy, with great results. From the first drone delivery of a Slurpee to its “evolution” storefronts that bring the latest convenience innovations to local customers, it’s clear 7-Eleven is making a splash in more ways than one.


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