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Take a Peek into Our Home Offices

As many of you know, Sassafras is a remote agency that’s based in Kansas City. Our employees live all around—from Kansas to Kentucky (imagine the basketball rivalry we’ve got going on) to North Carolina, Georgia, and even Florida.

While we meet twice a year in KC for team meetings, the day-in and day-out work happens from all over the country. We’d thought it’d be fun to show you what our offices look like, where our team members find inspiration, and give you a glimpse into the world that is Sassafras Marketing.

Jenny Holton

  1. I spend most of my days sitting at my desk where I have two big windows to let in natural light.

  2. I am inspired by the music in the background and the sign behind me that reminds me to LIVE what I LOVE, which is Sassafras Marketing.

  3. When I have a lot of writing to do I enjoy the hustle and bustle of a corner seat at a coffee shop. I write better when I have to block out the noise.

  4. I love my office mate “Macy.” She is sweet, and sometimes that cute face is a great momentary distraction.

Jenny Holton Sassafras Marketing

Shannon O’Geen

Coffee + Sunrise

Shannon O'Geen Sassafras Marketing

Allison Heather

Benefits of working from home:

  1. Love notes from your husband

  2. Wall-of-Coke inspiration

  3. My own creative zone

  4. Graphic energy — eye food

Allison Heather Sassafras Marketing

Sara Kinslow

  1. My office is a converted guest bedroom. I enjoy working in it because it is a space that I have gotten to make my own. I love my photos, books, knick-knacks and candles.

  2. Organized and tidy is definitely not how I would describe my office. I tend to agree with Albert Einstein – “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of an empty desk?”

  3. As geeky as it sounds, I have become dependent on working off of dual monitors, which is probably why I rarely work from other places. I also like to keep music on in the background most of the day.

  4. By far my favorite workplace accessory is my four-legged office mate, Franklin. He has a spot right under my desk.

Sara Kinslow Sassafras Marketing

Madi Kaplan

I love how quiet my office is. It’s my own little space where I can always focus without distractions.

Madi Kaplan Sassafras Marketing

Tara Mercado

  1. My “office” corner of my apartment is where I spend most of my time working, always with a big cup of water and if the weather is cooperating with my deck door open.

  2. On my office wall, I have my Sassafras sign to always remember our motto. Team notes/cards keep me motivated and reminded of what a great team of people I work with.

  3. On really nice days, I take my computer to the deck and work in the fresh air.

  4. When I need a pick me up, I take my work to the local Starbucks, grab a coffee and get energized.

Tara Mercado Sassafras Marketing

Sara Rhodes

  1. I like windows for light. They provide tranquility when things get stressful.

  2. Must haves for me are a comfy chair and a space heater. I’m always cold.

  3. I like working at local coffee shops, like Hattie’s, for a change of scenery. They not only have great coffee but also serve Coca-Cola beverages as morning turns to afternoon…

Sara Rhodes Sassafras Marketing

Trevor Barley

  1. My office desk was built by my wife’s dad. It’s a custom 9’2” desk that my wife and I designed since we work side-by-side.

  2. My main inspiration while working comes from music. It’s something I’ve gotten used to and helps me focus in the morning and throughout the day. Headphones are also on my desk for when I really want to turn it up.

  3. I have Field Notes booklets that I use for sketching and writing down random things. Perfect sized booklets to carry anywhere.

  4. Mini soccer and Pop! figures, FC Barcelona banner, and my prized UNC 1981-82 National Championship Coca-Cola Bottle. Fun little items to have around the desk.

Trevor Barley Sassafras Marketing

Jessie Devine

  1. I spend most of my days in this little green chair.

  2. My office is filled with pictures, books, and colorful pens.

  3. If I get stumped on a project, I’ll grab my computer and head to a different room or outside on the deck for a change of scenery.

Jessie Devine Sassafras Marketing

Shannon Redding

  1. My “office” is set in a space between my living room and kitchen, which gives me a great view from my porch window of water & sunshine.

  2. The things that make my office inspiring for me:

  • View: This view gives me the pick-up, creative juices & the perfect feel of being outside in the FL sun.

  • Music: I always have some sort of soothing, easy listening coffeehouse-style music playing in the background.

  • Essential Oil Diffuser: I’m a weird sucker for essential oils. During the day I love to diffuse scents like orange, peppermint, lemon to really help get my energy & creative juices moving.

  • COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE: You will always find a large mug of coffee sitting on my desk at any time of the day. I pour it in the morning and sometimes refill again & sip throughout the day until it’s gone.

Shannon Redding Sassafras Marketing

Sarah McNamara

  1. My office has a lot of neutral tones and great natural light, which keeps me focused and refreshed. I love my peaceful office space, but one of my favorite things about working virtually is frequenting local coffee shops when I want to be inspired by their vibe.

  2. My inspiration: Coffee, coffee and more coffee! I love a yummy cup of coffee to get my day started – especially when it is my favorite, Alfred Coffee.

Sarah McNamara Sassafras Marketing

Andrea Oliver

  1. I have a great office mate, Maggie. She sleeps a lot – but always lets me know when the UPS man arrives.

  2. I love having windows in my office. The fresh air and sunshine flowing in is a perfect way to work.

  3. Baby Groot is my spirit animal!

Andrea Oliver Sassafras Marketing

And there you have it… the spaces, places, and keepsakes that help our team stay focused, refreshed, and deliver the highest quality concepts, graphics, presentations–whatever may be asked of us–to our clients each day.


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