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Graphic Design Trends for 2018

We recently came upon a neat post highlighting some graphic design trends for 2018. We put it in front of Sassafras Group Creative Director Allison Heather for her input and she had some great thoughts to share. What we realized as we started our conversation with Allison is that Sassafras creatives are already utilizing and diving into many of these graphic design trends and techniques. What does this mean for our clients? They can continue to expect cutting-edge, best-in-class creative design and amazing storytelling on each and every project.

The post included 10 graphic design trends, as curated by author Mila Jones Cann.  Allison noted that 3 of the trends listed were especially relevant to Sassafras and our clients.

“Our creative team is already ahead of this 2018 trend! We’ve been utilizing this fun, hip style in current work that we’ve been designing! It’s a cool, updated approach to background textures and flare,” said Allison.

Allison told us that as a child of the 80s and 90s, she is super excited to tap into the past with creativity! Pop creative and all the fantastic colors of the eighties are a blast to design with.

“We are also developing this skill. Customization is what the customer wants and our creative team delivers. We’re a fresh, innovative design team with diverse talents and skills,” said Allison.

There were a couple of items on the trends list that she is anxious to do more of at Sassafras this year. Look for Allison and our creative team to deliver even more of these:

  1. Movement: animations & GIFs  Allison noted: “It’s been interesting if you look at social media, which we’ve been a part of for many years, and see the change to motion. There is a lot of opportunity to tell a better story in this space. This is right down our alley!”

  2. Responsive logos  Sassafras has also been evolving along with the industry in this field. We are responding to and have a greater understanding of the website world and how to play in this sandbox. Simplicity is key and knowing how to appeal to the user is key. It is important to Sassafras to move into the future with this being a big component.

Thanks for your insight and expertise, Allison! We are excited to see what our Sassafras creative team has in store for 2018!


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