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How Sassafras developed its Mission, Vision, Values and Why You Should Too

What exactly are mission and vision statements? And why are they important? These grounding thoughts provide a focal point that helps align an organization; ensuring that everyone is working towards a single purpose.

Despite the importance of vision and mission statements, many organizations do not have them. In some cases, the two statements are lumped together as one or used interchangeably despite their distinctive differences, which can create confusion and make it harder to achieve objectives and goals.

Today, we’ll take a look at Sassafras’ own Mission and Vision statements and the important roles they play in our organization.

The Sassafras Mission

To design the stories for our clients' brands, products, promotions and relationships in a compelling, thoughtful and extraordinary way.

Our mission statement describes Sassafras’ primary ambition and objectives. It tells outsiders what we do, how we do it and who we do it for. StoryDesign has been the foundation of our work for years. We approach every job through the lens of StoryDesign. This approach falls directly from our Mission. Our Mission is also directly tied to our Vision, which outlines the specific goals that will help achieve the future we desire for Sassafras.

The Sassafras Vision

Our Vision is to continue to GROW in our ability to design the stories of our customers.

PEOPLE - We strive to GROW our team with talented, driven people that LOVE what they do.

RELATIONSHIPS - We strive to GROW the relationships with our customers and deliver exceptional value.

COMMUNITY - We strive to GROW our impact on the communities where we live, work and play.

Our Vision statement describes what Sassafras strives to become in the future. It clearly defines our long-term goals and communicates our purpose. In doing so, our employees have direction and inspiration on how to achieve that purpose. All company decisions are made with our Vision in mind. We are a people-first agency. Our decision to go 100% virtual has allowed us to maintain extraordinary talent, wherever they are. This people-first mindset not only feeds our culture but allows us to create and grow our business relationships. It also puts community as a priority. Our Giving Tree program allows us to bring this part of our vision to life in the communities where our employees live, work and play.

Sassafras Values

Our Values serve as the foundation pillars that bring our Mission and Vision to life. Did you know that our brand colors align with our values? We told you we were good story designers.

Orange :: Creativity

The core of what makes Sassafras, Sassafras! With each story we design, we reach into our creative core to find strategic and visual solutions for our clients. We strive to deliver the extraordinary.

Yellow :: Integrity

It’s the value that grounds us—and has since we started 20 years ago. We are honest and genuine and bring that to how we work together and with clients. This value fuels our ability to grow our relationships with our clients.

Green :: Collective Genius

We are collective genius’ in the making; representing our widespread, yet unified team. We’re creative and collaborative, smart and strategic, and pretty darn fun. Together, we can start a conversation to design a powerful story.

Blue :: Excellence

20 years of excellence and we couldn’t be prouder. Our dedication to supporting our clients and sharing their stories hasn’t wavered. We never settle for less than what we know we can deliver. We all share the same desire to push out work that has the Sassafras Stamp of Approval.

Red :: Passion

We LOVE what we do each and every day. Since day 1, passion pushes us to work together and offer up the right solution for every client.

Mission and Vision statements are very important and they can best be described as a compass and destination of the organization, respectively. It is extremely important that these statements don’t sit on a shelf and gather dust. They should be looked at often, shared with employees and used as a foundation for decision making in the company.

We periodically reference ours to realign our processes and mindsets and think it’s worth the effort for organizations to develop clear vision and mission statements. Not doing so would be like going on a journey without directions or having a final destination.


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