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Our Agency is Virtually Everywhere!

If you’ve followed our blog or know about our agency, you’re well aware that we are a virtual agency and efficiently utilize an online workplace! It enables us to maintain a fun, family-friendly dynamic for all employees, wherever they may be! CEO and founder Jenny Holton has put some things into place that help us foster innovation and spur creativity. So how do we function as a successful unit while being in different physical locations?

Why we are a virtual agency

Kansas City is home for both Jenny and Geoff. They decided that it made sense to have the company and its employees both in KC and in the Southeast, where so many contacts, clients, friends and potential hires are located. Well into our second decade, we’ve mastered (and love!) the virtual thing. Being friends and genuinely liking each other makes it easy!

Sassafras team members are still heavily concentrated in the KC area and throughout the Southeast, especially Georgia and Florida. We get together for agency meetings biannually and have a great time while we’re hard at work. You can read more about our latest meeting (and our awesome steps challenge) here.

Things we do to make virtual “work” for us

  1. We have systems in place to easily share files and work collaboratively. We do a lot in the cloud, and cloud storage makes file and document sharing a breeze. Our file cabinet is virtual!

  2. We communicate in ways that make it seem as if we’re all in the same room! We regularly chat, hang out, screen share, IM, email and call each other throughout the day. We are able to communicate freely and easily in public or private spaces.

  3. We use Dropbox. A lot. Dropbox syncs quickly and automatically whether we’re working online or off. It makes it easy to stay up to date, and loop in different vendors to shared files.

All of this being said, we pride ourselves on good old-fashioned customer service. Nothing replaces one-on-one conversations with our clients, be it in person, on the phone, via Skype or FaceTime!


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